Antigen Discovery

Tumor cells express a wide range of MHC peptides, which can be targets for specific CTLs, causing them to become immunogenic. Acquired resistance to PD-1 blockade has also been shown to be accompanied by certain frameshift deletions. Immunotherapies based on Tumor Associated Antigens (TAAs) CTL responses are restricted by certain MHC class I haplotypes which depend upon the individual patient’s HLA type – which determines the success of anti-tumor vaccines. In addition, advancements in sequencing technology have enabled the identification of neoantigens that are key to CTL response.

IMMUNE 3D ™  is designed to evaluate metabolic factors that impede lymphocyte proliferation and effector functions.

Studies include:

  • Screening of lymphocytes and T cell infiltration based on neoantigen tumors

  • Discover novel T cell antigens based on patient derived tumor tissue or HLA-matched lines

  • Evaluate the effect of tumor mutations on T cell infiltration