Immunosuppressive Factors

The presence Treg cells, Th2 cells, Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs) and more recently B cells that arise from and contribute to TME immunosuppression and impede the effects of checkpoint blockade therapy. In addition, mutational burden, expression of inhibitory receptors and oncogene signaling may all contribute to suppression of immune responses in the TME.

IMMUNE 3D ™  is designed to evaluate immunosuppressive factors that obstruct immune mediated effects on tumors. The factors include:

Studies include

  • Screening drug candidates for their ability to overcome immunosuppression.

  • Evaluating lymphocytes such as TAMs, B cells, MDSCs and Tregs impact on T cell function and tumor lysis.

  • Combination studies of drug candidates targeting immunosuppressive cells and checkpoint blockade.