IMMUNE 3D ® presents several competitive and scientific advantages compared to other commonly used 3D platforms.

Advantages vs. Transwell Assays

  • No artificial inserts compared to Transwell and Invasion assays
  • Enables the growth and culture of tumor cells
  • Chemokines are produced by the growing tumor cells in concentrations like those found in tumor tissues in vivo
  • The culture system is three-dimensional and physiologically relevant
  • Collagen and fibroblasts provide stromal components important for T cell migration and activation
  • Termination of T cell migration over 4-9 days
  • T cells migrate through a distance of 500µm
  • Does not depend on the formation and uniformity issues of tumor spheroids

Advantages vs. Other 3D platforms

  • Physiologically relevant platform designed to mimic the extracellular matrix
  • Study migration and infiltration on real time, patient derived samples
  • Multi-cells – immune-tumor interactions
  • Not dependent on tumor spheroid formation or uniformity of spheroids across wells
  • Time course imaging of immune cell migration
  • Broad spectrum applications across R&D

Advantages vs. In vivo models

  • Study effects of additional tumor immune cell infiltrates
  • Enables cross reactivity to select human T-cell receptors
  • Stringent environment to study antigen presentation under disease conditions
  • Ability to study cell heterogeneity
  • CTL lysis and peptide recognition compared to in vivo models
  • Avoids TcR skewing when cells are removed
  • Adequate T-cell homing in vivo

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