IMMUNE 3D ® is a unique and proprietary platform that is designed to capture the core cell types to effectively capture the extracellular matrix. The platform was initially designed to naturally observe the migration patterns of immune cells and to interrogate the stromal environments that cells need to permeate to reach their destinations. Over the last few years, we have applied our understanding of the role that immune cells play in various diseases into developing 3D models that capture the disease biology in an immune context.

Importance of Lymphocyte Migration

T cell migration is important for mounting an effective immune responses. It permits the T cell to recognize antigen presented in the context of MHC by an antigen presenting cells and then traffic and interact with other cells. Studying the interactions of immune cells and diseased cells or tissues can lead to the a better understanding of migration of immune cells 


Benefits and Advantages of IMMUNE 3D


  • Physiologically relevant platform designed to mimic the extracellular matrix
  • Study migration and infiltration on patient specific samples
  • Multi-cell and multi-immune cell evaluations
  • No artificial inserts compared to Transwell and Invasion assays
  • Time course imaging of immune cell migration
  • Broad spectrum applications across R&D


  • Study effects of additional tumor immune cell infiltrates
  • Enables cross reactivity to select human T-cell receptors
  • Stringent environment to study antigen presentation under disease conditions
  • Ability to study cell heterogeneity
  • CTL lysis and peptide recognition compared to in vivo models
  • Avoids TcR skewing when cells are removed
  • Adequate T-cell homing in vivo

Broad Spectrum Applications