What we do

3D cultures are built to provide multi-layer, tissue like structures that mimic the architecture of cells in vivo. 3D cultures are conducive to capturing the extracellular matrix (ECM) that is critical to studying the biology of disease. 3D cultures provide a suitable micro-environment for optimal cell growth, differentiation and function, and the ability to create tissue-like constructs in vitro.

The immune system plays a role in many major diseases by protecting us against infectious agents and malignant cells or by causing disease in the case of autoimmunity.

The cross talk between immune cells and the ECM provide a foundation to understanding factors that play a role in cell migration, motility and immune escape.

IMMUNE 3D aims to merge our in-depth know-how on 3D cultures and immunology to develop novel 3D platforms that capture the disease environment for cost-effective discovery, screening and acceleration of therapies and biomarkers.

Our Partners

Immunaccel LLC is our sister entity offering preclinical drug and biomarker screening services for pharmaceutical and biotech partners. To inquire about the services offered please contact: info@immunaccel.com