The Technology

A physiologically relevant system designed to study factors that enhance or impede lymphocyte infiltration

IMMUNE3D™ is a unique, patented and cost-effective system to screen and discovery cancer drug candidates. Unlike traditional 3D cultures, this system is designed to evaluate lymphocyte infiltration and factors involved in enhancing or impeding infiltration. IMMUNE3D™ includes the following components:

  • Human-derived cells and tissues – drug candidates can be evaluated using fresh patient tissues or blood samples or by using well characterized, HLA-matched CTL and Tumor lines.

  • Collagen – provides for prolonged T cell and important in evaluating adhesion and integrin molecules involved in lymphocyte infiltration and migration

  • Fibroblasts or Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) – play a key role in stimulating cytokines and chemokines. In addition, recent literature has shown that targeting stromal components such as fibroblasts may enhance immunotherapy outcomes.

IMMUNE 3D™ is adaptable to include additional TME cells such as adipocytes, endothelial cells etc., 

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